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Shane Orchard

Shane has been a part-time photographer since early days of B&W lab development through a colour positive phase to the inevitable domination of digital formats. Now everyone is a photographer!

In my day job I work on conservation planning, mainly eco-hydrology, nature-based recreation and resilience to climate change. Taking the camera along is a great way to capture the moments you may never see again. All of my work and most of my travels involves water in some way or another, from alpine backcountry snowfields to the rivers and the sea. New Zealand has so many amazing places to explore!

The albums here are mainly trip blog style showing some features of interest for outdoor enthusiasts. If you're after more beta on any of these places feel welcome to drop me a line.


Shane Orchard is a researcher, writer, and occasional photographer on environment and recreation topics who contributes to a wide range of media from scientific journals to online forums.<br />
For more information on any of the material featured here please feel welcome to make contact.
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